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Fall has ARRIVED, AND Winter Is Just Around The Corner.

While summer and it’s scorching heat becomes a recent memory, we fondly look to fall and winter.  Welcoming,  sports physicals, flu season and the holidays … Cooler temperatures bring lots of outdoor activities along with colds and flu.  It is very important that you have your child’s flu shot done as soon as possible to avoid early outbreaks.  Keeping up with Well Child Check-ups and sports physicials during the busy season can prove challenging so book early.

Fall and Winter Illnesses.

While enjoying cooler weather here in Arizona, bronchiolitis and acute ear infections manifest themselves regularly throughout the fall and winter months, as these virus’s love the cooler weather.   Ear infections are the most common reason for a sick appointment with your Pediatrician.  Seasonal allergies can also affect children so look for the signs and symptoms listed at Healthychildren.org or call for an appointment with our board certified Pediatricians.

Halloween Thoughts

Whether dressing up in costumes, trick-or-treating, or having parties with their friends, most kids love Halloween. But did you know that Halloween is also a time when more children than usual end up in the emergency room due to falls, traffic collisions and other injuries?  All the sweets in the house (and at school) can also wreak havoc on a child’s teeth and their normally healthy diet.


See the flashing hands in the right hand corner of this page?? If you haven’t accessed your child’s patient portal yet – you are missing out on a great and easy way to access your child’s medical information and communicate with the office.  You can see summaries of visits, follow some vitals including weights, keep track of immunizations, and schedule or reschedule appointments.

Don’t forget to personalize how you want our office to communicate with you – by phone, text or email.  You can control what reminders and messages you receive and how.  Finally, you can communicate with the office through the messaging option. That gives you an opportunity to contact the office during non-office hours – you can contact the front desk to make appointments and contact the physicians and their back office staff with non-urgent questions regarding your child.  All messages will be responded to within a business day – frequently the same day. Sign up for the portal now and see how much easier it makes your medical home experience be.

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