Recommended Links
Below are links to web sites related to healthcare and the well-being of children. All About Kids Pediatrics provides these links as additional resources of information for our patients and parents. In the event that you have a question about any of the content on the web sites below, please contact our practice. These sites should only be used as a reference and should not supersede a conversation with your physician.


American Academy of Pediatrics

Arizona Asthma Coalition

Arizona Early Intervention Program

Arizona Department of Health Service

Autism and Vaccine Safety Information for Parents

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Good information about illnesses and vaccines

Center for Young Women’s Health

CHADD – Children and Adults with ADHD website (a national resource center of ADHD material)

Children’s Action Alliance – A Voice For Arizona’s Children For More Than 25 Years

Child Care Resources

Healthy Children – An informative site offered by The American Academy of Pediatrics on current topics that you may find useful.

Keep Your Child Safe – The Injury Prevention Program (TIPP) by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Wonderful age specific information about protecting your child from injuries!

National Highway Traffic Safety Adminstration

National Institutes of Health



Parents Pack

Preparing to Handle Disasters – The American Academy of Pediatrics Family Readiness Kit. Information on how to prepare
and work with your child after disasters such as death, fire, severe weather, and terrorism.

Pesticides – A great site that provides general info about use and choice of pesticides and gives recommendations on how to create a safe environment for your family. This site is supported by the EPA!

Recalled products – An important site maintained by the Consumer Product Safety Commission that has lists of recalled products, toys, etc…

Safe Kids Worldwide

The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network

Recommended Immunization Schedule for children and adolescents can be found at:
Vaccine Schedule 0 to 6 Years
Vaccine Schedule 7 to 18 Years